J&M Famous Biltong

Biltong is undoubtedly South Africa’s favourite traditional snack and here at Joubert and Monty we strive to ensure that we produce a product of exceptional quality to be enjoyed by all biltong lovers from South Africa and tourists from around the world.

Joubert and Monty is the forerunner in the biltong industry, setting the standards in a very competitive market. We are totally committed to providing a leading biltong brand to the market, ensuring continuous brand loyalty and business growth through innovation, exceptional quality and outstanding customer service.

Satisfaction Guarantee
Our products are made for our customers’ enjoyment and we take great care to ensure that it reaches our customers in an excellent condition. 100% satisfaction guaranteed or we will gladly refund or replace the product.

Product Range

We do not compromise on quality for cost

J&M Beef Biltong

J&M Famous Biltong is made from choice cuts of 100% A-Grade Beef. The beef is marinated with our Original Secret Recipe then dried to perfection, ensuring a moist, succulent and tasty product.

Our corporate and franchised stores freshly slice biltong and offer it in original, BBQ and Chilli flavours.

J&M Droëwors

J&M droëwors is our signature product and undoubtedly the best on the market. Our droëwors is made from A-Grade beef with only a 15% fat ratio. The lean beef is then tumbled with our Original Secret Recipe producing a droëwors of unbelievable taste and of the best quality. No fatty residue is left on your palate when you bite into a stick, only a tasty and satisfying experience.

J&M Snap Sticks

Our snap sticks are made with the same quality beef as our Beef Biltong; however it is sliced in to thin strips. This is a quality product that snaps and bites off easy and we guarantee no sinew. J&M snap sticks are offered in a wide range of flavours to satisfy all tastes. Original, Chilli, Spicy, Chutney

J&M Chicken Biltong

Chicken fillets are marinated in our Special BBQ Spice and over dried to ensure a chewy texture.

Biltong Recipes

Biltong recipes are a must have in every proudly South African home.  It is undoubtedly the perfect snack that goes with every occasion from rugby on the weekend to braaing with your mates.  Biltong as a snack is great, but biltong in everything is better! It is of course our favourite ingredient as there are a million and one ways to utilize these deliciously taste morsels in everyday cooking. Click on Recipes for some fabulous biltong recipes, click on any of the images to check the biltong recipe out.

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