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Our products are made for our customers’ enjoyment and we take great care to ensure that it reaches our customers in an excellent condition. 100% satisfaction guaranteed or we will gladly refund or replace the product.

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J&M is constantly improving on factory quality and technology.


In 2008 we renovated our factory in Cape Town to comply with food, safety and hygiene standards.


In 2012 we expanded our factory and production capacity to accommodate the ever growing demand for great quality biltong! 


  • Our factory is of world class standards and is approved and audited by SANAS.
  • Halaal certified status through the Islamic Council of South Africa.
  • Our production team is highly trained and professional.
  • All factory staff have undergone various courses in food, safety and hygiene.
  • We have a highly skilled internal Quality Controller who ensures all policies and standards are adhered to at all times.
  • We have 100% product tractability.
  • Constant quality checks are done and we periodically send products for microbiology testing to ensure the highest possible standards of hygiene.
  • Exceptional quality that forms the foundation of our objective as a business.


The Biltong Process from start to your mouth!


1. Receiving


We strictly buy beef from reputable suppliers who supply us with the highest quality A-Grade beef.


All products we receive comes with a certificate of analysis confirming that it complies with our standards in terms of micro analysis, temperature and various other factors.


2. Preparation


  • We trim our A-grade silver side beef of all excess fat. This ensures that each pack of J&M biltong is filled with only the premium cuts of beef.
  • The beef is hand cut into strips and pieces, and are then ready to be spiced and marinated with J&M Original Secret Recipe.
  • The marinated meat is then hanged and dried in our specialize drying rooms.
  • The length of the drying phase can differ depending on the cut of meat. J&M have perfected the art of knowing just when the time is right to take the biltong out.
  • We monitor the curing beef to guarantee that each piece of biltong is dried to perfection and bursting with flavor.


Here at J&M we have perfected this production process. It is a very precise process that is controlled at each step to ensure our customers get a superior product of the highest quality in taste and purity.


Taste the Quality!


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