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Vanilla Blonde with Bailey

Thursday, September 26, 2013

We were honoured to discover that our J&M Cheesy Biltong Muffins featured on Baily’s blog: Vanilla Blonde. Here is a sneak preview below.

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      Biltong Muffins


      As it was Heritage Day this week… I had to bake these Cheesy

      Biltong Muffins.


       I got the recipe from J&M Biltong a while back and they’re just so
      delicious, so easy and so quick to make it’s insane. This recipe
      only takes 10 minutes to bake.”



die burger

Woensdag 21 Augustus 2013 Leefstyl
J&M announced the launch of our Unique Concept Store in Canal Walk to the Western Cape when we placed an advertorial in Die Burger. Along with the advertorial, die burger also included a recipe feature, on a few delicious snacks that you can make at home using J&M Biltong. For the biltong recipes, click on our recipes tab and download any of our delicious biltong recipes.
Alternatively click on the links below to view the recipes on Die Burgers website:
We also owe a special thanks to FVE Interiors, Beefmasters, Freddy Hirsch, Pouch Dynamics and Evirochem for sponsoring this advert.


Sunday Argus August 18, 2013

J&M announced the launch of our Unique Concept Store in Canal Walk to the Western Cape when we placed an advertorial in the Weekend Argus. To view our advertorial on the Weekend Argus’ website, please click on the link below.


We also owe a special thanks to FVE Interiors, Beefmasters, Freddy Hirsch, Pouch Dynamics and Evirochem for sponsoring this advert.


Gail Simmons

We were very proud to see that world renowned Gail Simmons is also a fan of our biltong! In her latest book called “Talking with My Mouth Full: My Life as a Professional Eater,” the Special Projects Director with Food & Wine magazine and regular judge on the television show Top Chef, said “Joubert and Monty’s biltong is the gold standard of air-dried meat.”


Famous Sea Point biltong duo makes sure their beef will live on


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The Atlantic Sun

Alexi Hadjidakis of Geotina and new owner of the Joubert and Monty Famous Biltong brand, pictured here at last week’s Good Food & Wine show at the Cape Town International Convention Centre, with Chris Joubert and Monty Montandon.

The New York Times


Frommer’s Review – Travel Guides – Cape Town Shopping

“This is one of the best places to sample good biltong; try a bit of kudu and beef — ask for the latter to be slightly moist and sliced.”


Sports Blog

Thursday, 29 Mar, 2007 – 12:25PM
So is it “No-bite” or an extra portion of biltong?


Righto, so after sugerboy Malinga and the Protea’s had us munching on our fingernails during the week, it is time to focus on the rugby again. And given the fixture list this weekend, we are probably in line for a few more cliff hangers – so best you employ the service of that vile tasting “No-bite” nail varnish, or my personal favourite – head to the local Joubert and Monty for an extra large portion of the toughest biltong you can find!

Natalie Becker…

Cape Town Shopper – 18 December 2008

Travel + Leisure

The World’s Strangest Street Food – BILTONG

Introduced by Dutch Voortrekkers who colonized and travelled across South Africa in the mid-1800’s, biltong—jerky made from the dried meat of exotic local fauna like ostrich, springbok, and kudu—is now sold in packets at Cape Town market stalls, at roadside gas stations, and in supermarkets. The meat, which is cured in apple cider or malt vinegar and then rubbed with spices (usually black pepper, coriander, brown sugar, and garlic), is addictively salty and chewy. It’s also tough enough to withstand a nuclear holocaust (or at least a long flight layover).

Where to find it: Joubert & Monty’s Biltong has several stalls around the city, including at the ClocktowerCenter along the Victoria & Albert waterfront. http://www.travelandleisure.com/

Rugby beefs up sales of biltong


November 25, 2004 – Business report – By Dirk De Vynck

Cape Town – The biltong trade has grown into a huge industry in the past few years, leading to shops and kiosks opening up in shopping centres across the country.

“The mushrooming of the industry can also be attributed to the relatively high margins that can be earned on biltong sales, especially relative to other meat products.”

On average, the margins were about 20 percent above those of other meat products, although there were shops where the margins were up to 50 percent higher.

There is also a very close relationship between biltong sales and sport, especially rugby.

Chris Joubert, the managing director of biltong enterprise Joubert & Monty’s (J&M), said that on a rugby test day it was not out of the ordinary to double biltong sales…

Biltong profits

business (1)

May 23, 2003 – Business report

Whether it’s beef, chicken, ostrich or turkey, biltong is booming.

We all know South Africa is mad about it, but is it a profitable business?

Joubert & Monty’s, based in Observatory, recently celebrated its success as the most profitable kiosk, area for area, at Cavendish Square in Claremont.

The biltong barrow at Cavendish’s main entrance beat more than 200 shops in the upmarket shopping mall.

Andrew Billington, general manager of Joubert and Monty’s says there may be a lot of competition, but there’s enough demand to go round.